Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Weird WWII / Pulp Scenario Generator

Are you in a gaming slump?  Are you sick of playing around the same crashed Me 262 or that burned out jeep?  Are those D6 mission generators just to blan for your high-speed, full tilt gaming crew?  Well the folks over at Fallen Publishinghave what you need, a mission generator with up to 100 MILLION different mind-shattering, bone crushing and Nazi killing scenarios!  Energize your gaming with this mind fuck generator and have your next game truly be a "weird" wargame.  I'm off to fight it out in a "gangster's headquarters" because "a number of bishops are kidnapped and will be ritually slaughtered as part of a ritual" as "a pack of wild wolves, dogs or similar are causing problems" with  "a lunatic serial killer" on the loose.  Damn!

Go get yourself all scenario-ed up,

Beat this one, brother!

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