Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Honored Allies Wednesday: Aubrey Cosens (Canada)

                 Aubrey Cosens

"In Holland, on the night of 25th/26th February,1945, the 1st battalion, The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada, launched an attack on the hamlet of Mooshof, to capture ground which was considered essential for the successful development of future operations.  Sgt. Cosens' platoon, with two tanks in support, attacked enemy strong points in three farm buildings, but were twice beaten back by fanatical enemy resistance and then fiercely counter-attacked, during which time the platoon suffered heavy casualties and the platoon commander was killed.  Sergeant Cosens at once assumed command of the only other four survivors of his platoon, whom he placed in position to give him covering fire, while he himself ran across open ground under heavy mortar and shell fire to the one remaining tank, where, regardless of danger, he took up an exposed place in front of the turret and directed its fire.  After a further enemy counter-attack had been repulsed, Sergeant Cosens ordered the tank to attack the farm buildings, while the four survivors of his platoon followed in close support.  After the tank had rammed the first building he entered it alone, killing several of the defenders and taking the rest prisoner.  Single-handed he then entered the second and third buildings and personally killed or captured all the occupants, although under intense machine gun and small arms fire.  Just after the successful reduction of these important enemy strong points, Sergeant Cosens was shot through the head by an enemy sniper and died almost instantly.  The outstanding gallantry, initiative and determined leadership of this brave N.C.O., who himself killed at least twenty of the enemy and took an equal number of prisoners, resulted in the capture of a position which was vital to the success of the future operations of the brigade."

From Sgt. Cosens' Victoria Cross citation, awarded on May 22, 1945.

 Cosens' Command

Monday, July 25, 2016

Medal of Honor Monday: Anthony P. Damato

"For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving with an assault company of the Second Battalion, Twenty-Second Marines, Fifth Amphibious Corps, in action against enemy Japanese forces on Eniwetok Atoll Marshall Islands, on the night of February 19,-20, 1944.  Highly vulnerable to sudden attack by small, fanatical groups of Japanese still at large despite the efficient and determined efforts of our forces to clear the area, Corporal Damato lay with two comrades in a large foxhole in his company's defense perimeter which had been dangerously thinned by the forced withdrawal of nearly half of the available men.  When one of the enemy approached the foxhole undetected and threw in a hand grenade, Corporal Damato desperately groped for it in the darkness.  Realizing the imminent peril to all three and fully aware of the consequences of his act, he unhesitatingly flung himself on the grenade and, although instantly killed as his body absorbed the explosion, saved the lives of his two companions.  Corporal Damato's splendid initiative, fearless conduct and valiant sacrifice reflect great upon himself and the United States Naval Service.  He gallantly gave his life for his comrades." 

From Cpl. Damato's Medal of Honor citation, awarded on April 9, 1945.

A true hero who put his comrades above himself,

Mural of Damato at the American Legion Post 792 in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Barbasol TV Commercial

A nod to the Greatest Generation and an example of how douchey the millennials are.


Bell TV Commercial

A nod to the bravery and sacrifice of the men of Canada and their actions to rid France and the rest of Europe of Nazi tyranny.

Let us never forget,

"Iron Cross"

The vile SS have taken over the Abby of the Sisters of the Inquisition and have made it into a vile medical research laboratory and the test subjects are the most beautiful enemies of Nazi Germany.  What horrific acts are shrouded behind these walls and what kind of hell will the results unleash on the rest of the world?!  More naziexploitation trash to make your eyes bleed.  This one has just about everything offensive in it so wonder at the madness and horror of the followers of the crooked cross.

Crazy ass shit,


A French resistance fighter infiltrates into the Nazi's high command with a mission to assassinate Hitler as he visits occupied France.  Can she accomplish her mission or will she succumb to the lust of her victorious captors?  More erotic naziexploitation comics to make your stomach turn or think those naughty thoughts.  Check out the madness here and see what happens, you pervs!

More trash to blacken your soul,

"Prison Camp"

With the Japanese military spreading across most of Asia, several American military nurses are caught along with the defeated forces of the Allies and are forced to become play things for the heroes of the Rising Sun.  Can they survive their captor's lust or succumb to their wickedness and brutality?!  This is par for course for your BDSM WWII fetish comic in tune with the infamous naziexploitation flicks of days gone by with an Asian slant.  If this is your cup of filth then check it out here.

More shit to warp your already warped brain,

Friday, July 22, 2016

Enemy Elite Friday: Franz Staudegger (Germany)

                  Franz Staudegger

Born in 1923 to an inn owner, Staudegger would find himself within the ranks of the SS at 17.  Staudegger would fight in the Western Campaign within the infantry of the LAH.  During fighting in France, Staudegger was wounded and when convalescing he joined the panzer corps and was in one of the first schools for Germany's newest tank, the Tiger I.  Staudegger's first claim to fame is when he single-handily destroyed two enemy tanks with a single grenade each while dismounted.   This action would see him awarded the Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse.  Next notable action was during the Battle of Kursk when Staudegger and another Tiger crew engaged a Russian tank force of 50-60 tanks and successfully destroyed over half stalling the assault.  For this action he was awarded the Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes on July 10, 1943, making him the first Tiger tank commander with that honor.  Staudegger would then find himself continuing to fight on the Eastern and Western Fronts with the 101st/501st Heavy Panzer Battalion until the war's end where he reached the rank of Oberscharführer.  He then worked in various positions in post-war Germany until his death in 1991. 

Another capable and deadly enemy elite,

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Honored Allies Wednesday: Albert Chowne (Australia)

                 Albert Chowne

"For most conspicuous bravery, brilliant leadership and devotion to duty during an attack on an enemy position on a narrow ridge near Dagua, New Guinea on 25th March, 1945.  After the capture of Dagua, the main enemy force withdrew southwards from the beach to previously prepared positions on the flank of the division.  Further movement towards Wewak was impossible while this threat to the flank existed and the battalion was ordered to destroy the enemy force.  A company, after making contact with the enemy on a narrow ridge, was ordered to attack the position.  The leading platoon in the attack came under heavy fire from concealed enemy machine gun sites on a small rise dominating the approach.  In the initial approach, one member of this platoon was killed and nine wounded, including the, platoon commander and the enemy continued to inflict casualties on our troops.  Without awaiting orders, Lt. Chowne, whose platoon was in reserve, instantly  appreciated the plight of the leading platoon and rushed the enemy's position.  Running up a steep, narrow track, he hurled grenades which knocked out two enemy light machine guns.  Then,  calling on his men to follow him and firing his sub machine gun from the hip, he charged the enemy's position.  Although he sustained two serious wounds in the chest, the impetus of his charge carried him 50 yards forward under the most intense machine gun and rifle fire.  Lt. Chowne accounted for two more Japanese before he was killed standing, over three foxholes occupied by the enemy.  The superb heroism and self-sacrifice of this officer, culminating in his death, resulted in the capture of this strongly held enemy position, ensured the further immediate success of his company in this area and paved the way directly for the continuance of the division's advance to Wewak." 

From Lt. Chowne's Victoria Cross citation, awarded on September 4, 1945.