Friday, August 28, 2015

Enemy Elite Friday: John H. D. Rabe

Rabe was a German businessman who found himself in Nanking during the Japanese assault on the city.  Using his Nazi Party credentials, Rabe along with several other Westerners established the Nanking Safety Zone which gave sanctuary to any Chinese civilians within it.  Due to the Anti-Comintern Pact, the Japanese honored the safe zone for the most part and it's creation is credited with saving the lives of over 200,000 to 250,000 civilian lives.  Upon his arrival back to Germany in 1938, he spoke of the horrendous actions of the Japanese and showed pics and films of their blood thirsty slaughter of the Chinese people.  He even wrote to Hitler and asked him to speak to his Asian counterparts to restrain their soldiers.  His letter was returned with his arrest and interrogation by the Gestapo and his censure of his experiences in China. Luckily due to his position with Siemens, he was spared anymore scrutiny as long as he keep quite.  After the war he would be interrogated by the Soviet NKVD and would find himself blacklisted for his membership within the Nazi Party.  Him and his family would live in squalor in East Germany until his story made it back to the people of China.  Horrified by their benefactor's situation, the people of Nanking donated an equivalent of $20K to him and his family along with food and clothing for his kind deeds in China.  The Rabe family would get a yearly stipends and care package from the grateful populace of Nanking up until the Communist takeover of the country.  He would die young and in reality obscurity in the West but he was given a great honor with his headstone being interned at the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall.

A man who saved so many and yet was affiliated with some that destroyed so many others.  War is truly Hell.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Honored Allies Wednesday: Jean-Baptiste Piron (Belguim)

                                                             Jean-Baptiste Piron                          Croix de guerre

A WWI veteran, Piron would not accept his homeland's capitulation and would find himself escaping from his Nazi captors and making a trip to the UK via France, Spain and Gibraltar.  Once he arrived in the UK, he was charged by the exiled Belgian government to bring the 1st Belgian Infantry Brigade up to par and ready to take the fight back to the Axis to liberate their homeland.  After the war he would be given command of the Belgium occupational forces in Germany.

A tip of the hat to a fellow Ally who motivated his defeated men to take the fight back to their invaders and help the rest of Europe shake loose the chains of fascism.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Comming Soon: "Dust"

Looks like us Weird WWII fans will have some more eye candy to view on the silver screen!!!

Let's hope its a sexy as Paolo's vision,

 They need Terry Gilliam on this one!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Medal of Honor Monday: Paul L. Bolden

"He voluntarily attacked a formidable enemy strong point in Petit-Coo, Belgium, on 23 December 1944, when his company was pinned down by extremely heavy automatic and small-arms fire coming from a house 200 yards to the front.  Mortar and tank artillery shells pounded the unit, when S/Sgt. Bolden and a comrade, on their own initiative, moved forward into a hail of bullets to eliminate the ever-increasing fire from the German position.  Crawling ahead to close with what they knew was a powerfully armed, vastly superior force, the pair reached the house and took up assault positions, S/Sgt. Bolden under a window, his comrade across the street where he could deliver covering fire.  In rapid succession, S/Sgt. Bolden hurled a fragmentation grenade and a white phosphorus grenade into the building; and then, fully realizing that he faced tremendous odds, rushed to the door, threw it open and fired into 35 SS troopers who were trying to reorganize themselves after the havoc wrought by the grenades.  Twenty Germans died under fire of his submachinegun before he was struck in the shoulder, chest, and stomach by part of a burst which killed his comrade across the street.  He withdrew from the house, waiting for the surviving Germans to come out and surrender.  When none appeared in the doorway, he summoned his ebbing strength, overcame the extreme pain he suffered and boldly walked back into the house, firing as he went.  He had killed the remaining 15 enemy soldiers when his ammunition ran out. S/Sgt. Bolden's heroic advance against great odds, his fearless assault, and his magnificent display of courage in reentering the building where he had been severely wounded cleared the path for his company and insured the success of its mission."

From S/Sgt. Paul L. Bolden's Medal of Honor citation, awarded on August 30, 1945.

Thank you for your service and may you be at peace,

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sub vs. Sub

The ass-kicking HMS Venturer

In February of 1945, the HMS Venturer encountered and trailed German U-Boat U-864 while submerged near Fedje, Norway.  After a lengthy trail, the HMS Venturer decided to fire a spread of torpedoes at the submerged U-Boat in winch one of their four torpedoes struck home and sank the German sub.  This action is the only known instance where a submerged sub sank another submerged sub and Capt. Launders' technique to plot a torpedo in a 3D environment is the bases of how its done to this day.

Give a cheer to some bad-ass Brits who mastered shooting torpedoes from the hip,


Friday, August 21, 2015

"Casino '45" aka "Cathouse '45"

Italian Poster

US Poster

A battle hardened GI is on his way back home to finally put the war behind him and marry his sweetheart but one thing leads to another and everyone finds themselves in some interesting situations.  This isn't your normal WWII-era porn as its not so much Nazi rape-based but rather prostitute-based porn which is a welcomed thing in my book.  Anyway, check out the English version here and see what you think.
Good to see some doged-faced GIs get some once in a while,

 To the victor goes the spoils!!!

"Power and Thunder: Another Worlds"

Domina and her Nazi forces have crossed the Space/Time Continuum and are poised to have our Earth kneel before the might of the crooked cross!  Can Power Girl and Thunder Girl (an alternate dimension Power Girl-Editor) save the day or will they too become playthings of the Nazis?!  This is a hard core fetish comic done by Fab Alex so if you have sensitive sensibilities look away but if your a perv like me then check out the first part of this classic trash!!

Fantastic art and pure hard-core trash!  I love it!!!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Medal of Honor Monday: Orville E. Bloch

"For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at risk of life above and beyond the call of duty.  1st Lt. Bloch undertook the task of wiping out 5 enemy machine gun nests that had held up the advance in that particular sector for 1 day.  Gathering 3 volunteers from his platoon, the patrol snaked their way to a big rock, behind which a group of 3 buildings and 5 machine gun nests were located.  Leaving the 3 men behind the rock, he attacked the first machine gun nest alone charging into furious automatic fire, kicking over the machine gun, and capturing the machine gun crew of 5.  Pulling the pin from a grenade, he held it ready in his hand and dashed into the face of withering automatic fire toward this second enemy machine gun nest located at the corner of an adjacent building 15 yards distant.  When within 20 feet of the machine gun he hurled the grenade, wounding the machine gunner, the other 2 members of the crew fleeing into a door of the house.  Calling one of his volunteer group to accompany him, they advanced to the opposite end of the house, there contacting a machine gun crew of 5 running toward this house.  1st Lt Bloch and his men opened fire on the enemy crew, forcing them to abandon this machine gun and ammunition and flee into the same house.  Without a moment's hesitation, 1st Lt. Bloch, unassisted, rushed through the door into a hail of small-arms fire, firing his carbine from the hip and captured the 7 occupants, wounding 3 of them.  1st Lt. Bloch with his men then proceeded to a third house where they discovered an abandoned enemy machine gun and detected another enemy machine gun nest at the next corner of the building.  The crew of 6 spotted 1st Lt. Bloch the instant he saw them.  Without a moment's hesitation he dashed toward them.  The enemy fired pistols wildly in his direction and vanished through a door of the house, 1st Lt. Bloch following them through the door, firing his carbine from the hip, wounding 2 of the enemy and capturing 6.  Altogether 1st Lt. Bloch had single-highhandedly captured 19 prisoners, wounding 6 of them and eliminating a total of 5 enemy machine gun nests.  His gallant and heroic actions saved his company many casualties and permitted them to continue the attack with new inspiration and vigor."  

From 1st Lieutenant Orville E. Bloch's Medal of Honor citation , awarded on  February 10, 1945.

Thank you for your servie and may you be at peace,

Friday, August 14, 2015

Johann and the Catfish

Looks like some power fishers caught them a massive catfish and within it was the remains of a human with Nazi regalia.  I knew the Allies used animals in the war effort but a super catfish is new to me.  Check out the whole story here.

Captain Catfish meets his doom!

Now that's weird,

Thursday, August 13, 2015

History of WWII Arctic Convoys

This site is an excellent resource on all the Arctic convoys during the war and what happened on each one.  Take  gander at this excellent resource and see how the Arctic convoys fared as the war progressed. 

A truly frighting environment to fight in!

"Von Ryan's Express"

A group of Allies are loose after their Italian guards flee after Italy's capitulation.  Can they find a way home or will the Nazi become their new captors?!  This is a mediocre "escape" film at best.  The only real reason I like this one a bit is because it is set in Italy and we get to see the Italians a bit.  Check out the trailer below and see what you think.

It's got a sweet movie poster!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"Spooky" 5

Spooky is a XXX comic done by James Lemay.  Issue 5 has a French Resistance cat-burglar attempting to steal Hitler's greatest prize.  Can she secure the prize or will the Nazis make her their prize?!  Read it here!

"Thank god for perky breasts"