Thursday, June 30, 2022

"The Goon"

A bruiser and his bat-shit crazy partner are the only things keeping the Zombie King and his undead minions from taking over.  Can the Goon and Franky keep the slack jaws off Lonely Street or will they soon be munching on ol' Ma's noggin and them evil orphanage kids innards?!  This Dark Horse comic is the creation of the mad comic genius Eric Powell and is a must for anyone who likes classic film noir with a splash or horror, comedy and good ol' trash in their reading.  News was, Powell was trying to get a movie deal for his band of crazies and they did up a short and a PSA to show what the Goon and Franky would look like on the big screen many moons ago.  I give this comic a big two thumbs up and it is a must for everyone to read so go out and get all the trades and catch up with the rest of the cool kids.

Knife to the eye!
Brian & Mel

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

"Frankenstein's Army" aka "Army of Frankenstein"

In a last ditch effort to turn the tide of war, the Germans use the twisted secrets discovered by Dr. Frankenstein to create an unstoppable army from the dead and unleash it against the Russian juggernaut that threatens the very borders of the Fatherland.  Can the Reds overcome this horror or will this reanimated army of the crooked cross add them to their ranks?!  The same guy who almost brought us the cool looking WWWII dark comedy Worst Case Scenario, finally got some cash in his pocket to make what looks like a cool take on the classic Frankenstein flick.  I'm looking forward to finally seeing Richard Raaphorst WWWII vision on the big screen and hope it brings the genera to the mainstream. Check out the trailer and see what you think.

I hope it is as good as it looks,
Brian & Mel

Well I finally watched it and it sadly sucked.  Cool looking monsters and that was about it.  Give it a once over if you can do so for free but otherwise it isn't much to see or remember.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

"Death Ship"

A group of survivors from a sunken passenger ship believes themselves saved when they come across a deserted ship but discover quickly that they were better off still afloat.  Can they survive the Death Ship or will they just become part of it?  This is a pretty low budget horror flick from the 70s so that should tell ya something right outta the shoot but I kinda liked it so check out the trailer and see what you think.

Makes for great background noise if anything,
Brian & Mel

Thursday, June 23, 2022

"Horrors of War"

An OSS agent and some dog-faced GIs are tasked with finding and destroying the Nazi's newest weapons of war.  Can these GI Joes stop the Nazis before their supernatural wonder weapons spread en mass across the front or will they be consumed by them?!  This was a movie that wanted to succeed so badly but just tripped and landed right on its face.  The general story is solid but acting, FX, dialog and just about everything else is just not up to par to make it worth a shit.  Then it got picked up and released with the fucking stupidest movie poster I have ever seen as seen above.  Anyway, check out the trailer and see what you think.

I wanted it to work but it just didn't,
Brian & Mel

Saturday, June 18, 2022

"Went The Day Well?"

The quiet town of Bramley End welcomes a unit of British troops on maneuvers with open arms but soon discovers too their horror that these troops are actually German commandos sent as the vanguard of an impending full-scale invasion.  Can the citizens of Bramley End defend their homes or will they become the first to be conquered by the Nazi's invasion of their homeland?!  This WWII era flick is AWESOME and a great piece of patriotic cinema of the time.  I could imagine this striking a cord with the British folks with the actual fear of possible invasion and constant terror of bombings from V1 and V2 attacks.  This is a must for any proud Brit or Weird WWII fan so check out the trailer and see what you think.

It's the original Red Dawn and The Eagle Has Landed,
Brian & Mel

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Battleground Weird WWII: German "Ritter" Class Armored Mechanical Suit

Notes:  These rules are for the German's 2nd-genration armored mechanical suit, the Ritter (Knight).  These rules are inspired by the excellent Project X Power Armor Soldats from Scarab Miniatures.  These make great Weird WWII minis so swing by their web site and pick up a couple squads.  Also pick up the Battleground WWII rules so you can get the most of these rules.
Date Introduced:  Early '44
Users:  Germany
Movement:   The Ritter can move up to 5" per action and will suffer from terrain modifiers as normal.  The Ritter is capable of crawling up to 2" per action when prone but it will take two actions for it to rise from the prone position.  The Ritter is not capable of swimming due to its weight but it can move at 1/2 its normal rate in waist-high water and 1/4 movement if completely submerged.  Because of the enclosed suit's own air supply, a Ritter-clad trooper can breath as long as they are submerged.
Monocular Sight:  The Ritter's headgear is fitted with a monocular sight that allows the user some enhanced sighting.  The sight will provide a -2 to their die roll (not column shift) when making Sighting Checks.  The sight also allows the user a -1 to all To Hit rolls for any ballistic weapons used.  Note that this bonus does not apply to grenades or other throwing weapons.
Armored Plate:  The suit's armor offers the user a +5 to all incoming fire.  Due to the weight of the Ritter's armor, it will not be suppressed by enemy fire of forced prone unless within a 50mm or larger blast.  If any incoming fire to the Ritter's rear causes a Gory Death result it will penetrate the suit's fuel tank and cause it to explode using the Small HE template.  A result of a KIA to the suit's rear will cause the suit to smoke.
Enhanced Strength:  The Ritter suit gives its user increased strength that allows them to pick up to 800lbs with a successful Skill Check.  The suit allows the user to throw up to triple the normal range.  The suit is also capable of smashing through any non-reinforced structure with a successful Skill Check which will leave a suit-sized hole behind it.  The suit is also capable of kicking or punching with an AP of 1 with a +10 modifier to the penetration result.
Enclosed Armor:  The Ritter is completely enclosed with its own air filtration system that allows the user to fight within an otherwise toxic environment.  A Ritter-clad trooper will be immune to any gas or biological agents that they might encounter on the battlefield.  The suit's filtration suit allows for indefinite clean air.  The suit also has an oxygen backup that allows the user to breath even if in an air-less environment for the duration of the battle.
"Vampir" IR System:  All Ritter units are fitted with the German's Vampir IR System.  Refer to the Battleground Weird WWII Infrared Combat rules for more details.
Gew13:  The Gew13 is an assault rifle that has been specially designed for the Ritter Korps.  The weapon has the appearance of a large MP44 but instead fires a new 13mm round.  The Gew13 is most commonly issued to officers and NCOs within Ritter units.  The weapon has a ROF of 3, uses the rifle range, Jams on a 20 and uses the LCMG column when rolling on the Effects Chart.  Due to the weapon's weight, it can only be used by enhanced troops.
Gew20:  The Gew20 is a specially designed assault rifle that fires a new 20mm round and is used exclusively within the Ritter Korps.  The weapon has a ROF of 2, uses the rifle range, Jams on a 20 and uses the LCMG column with an addition -2 on the Effects Chart.  Due to the weapon's weight, it can only be used by enhanced troops.
MG131/L:  The MG131/L is a modified MG131 that was designed to be used as the Ritter Korps' squad automatic weapon.  The weapon fires the same 13mm round as the Gew13 but has a higher rate of fire.  The MG131/L has a ROF of 4, uses the LMG range, Jams on a 19+ and uses the LCMG column when rolling on the Effects Chart.  Due to the weapon's weight, it can only be used by enhanced troops.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Honored Allies Wednesday: Malik Maharramov (Soviet Union)

"He became a company commander in the 218th Guards Rifle Regiment of the 77th Guards Rifle Division and fought in the Battle of the Dnieper.  On 17 September Maharramov's company was reportedly among the first to reach Mena, 70 kilometers east of Chernigov, clearing several streets of German troops.  Between 20 and 21 September the company helped captured Chernigov.  The regiment reached the Dnieper on 26 September.  On the night of 27 September, Maharramov led his company across the Dnieper near the village of Nedanchichi, advanced into the German trenches, and reportedly seized a bridgehead.  The company reportedly held the bridgehead until the rest of the regiment arrived. On 15 January 1944 Maharramov was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union and the Order of Lenin." 

Another deadly ally,