Thursday, June 21, 2012

"A Bloody Kiss"

 The Fatal Beauty

Here is a battle we did a while back when we were testing out our Incubus/Succubus rules.  The forces consisted of an 8-man U.S. paratrooper unit, a 7-man German unit with a machine gun bunker and a single succubus.

The Pre-Battle table.  The battlefield was mostly light woods  with a small clearing in front of the mg bunker's position.  The Germans were all dug into foxholes at the battle's start.  We played at night with no wind or weather present.

The German's fortified line with the mg bunker in the middle with barbed wire in front of it and flanked by a 3-man foxhole with a LMG section on the right flank and a couple Germans with MP44s on the left.

Because of the darkness, the paras don't realize they have walked into a clearing right in front of the mg bunker.

As the G.I.s get closer, the bunker opens up and KIAs the point-man and Light Wounds his pal.

The wounded man is able to crawl to a bit of cover as tracer fire rips through the darkness.  The Sarge crawls up to his wounded man and applies a bandage to his wound.

The bazooka team crawls forward to try and flank the mg's position.

The German's fire a flare and the mg bunker and the mg on its flank open up on the cover in front of them hoping to hit the hiding Americans.

The German LP on the far left side levels his weapon at an approaching shadow and before he can fire he is mesmerized by the vision that lies before him.  As if in a trance, the man lowers his weapon and the succubus joins him in his foxhole for a much needed meal.

The wounded G.I. gets caught in a crossfire as he attempts to reach cover and is ripped to shreds.

Slowly, the bazooka team makes their way through the darkness in hopes of flanking the bunker but are startled as the sounds of a woman moaning in ecstasy is heard ahead.  The two men ready their weapons and...

...before they can react, the rustling of leathery wings are heard overhead and a bewitching female voice emanates from the darkness behind them.  With superhuman charm, the men are convinced to lower their weapons and then the succubus enslaves the men to her will and then feeds off them both.

 Luckily for the G.I.s, one of the mgs jam and gives them a chance to move to new cover.

The BAR team crawls forward in the darkness just as another flare bursts over their previous position.

 The Sarge and RO book up the opposite flank and take cover behind an old shack.

Back at the other flank, the succubus throws down the lifeless husk of one of her lovers as the other two ask her what is her bidding.  The succubus smiles an evil grin and ever so softly whispers her commands into their ears.

The BAR team opens up on the mg team on the flank and a deadly gun duel commences.

The German NCO breaks from his foxhole to check on the men on the left flank.  The NCO sees the LP man moving through the darkness and before he can ask why he is not at his position...

...he is gunned down by the succubus' slave.  The NCO slumps to the ground with an expression of shock as his last vision is that of his comrade smiling at his demise.

The combined fire from the two German MG42s are to much for the BAR team and they fall in a hail of bullets.

The succubus rewards her slave's deed with a kiss and promises the same to her other slave if he can take out the bunker with his weapon.  The bazooka-man eagerly moves forward and raises his weapon and fires at the bunker.  The rocket flies true and destroys the bunker and the men within.  He is then rewarded by the demoness.

The explosion silhouettes the mg section and the American Sarge and RO open fire from their flank.

The RO is able to pin the Germans down as the Sarge throws two frag grenades into their trench, blowing them to pieces.

The Sarge and RO move up.  From the glow of the burning bunker, the Sarge can see the bazooka-man approaching but before he can speak, he sees two more figures move into the flicker light and one is holding the distinct shape of a MP44.  The Sarge raises his Thompson and opens fire!

The .45cal rounds rip into the German grenadier and he falls limp to the forest floor but the bullets hit something else and it lets out an unnatural screech that instantly makes the Sarge's blood turn cold.  The Sarge runs up and looks at the screaming monstrosity flailing on the ground before him but as he turns to the bazooka-man to ask what is going on, he pulls his 1911 and fires.

The Sarge is hit in the leg and hits the deck in pain just as the RO moves outta the darkness with weapon drawn, telling the bazooka-man to stand down.  The two men aim and fire at each other.

The showdown is lethal and both the bazooka-man and RO fall dead.  Half out of his mind from loss of blood, the Sarge looks up to see the most beautiful woman he has ever seen glowing in the fire's light.  The nude woman smiles as she straddles him.  Before the Sarge blacks out, the woman tells him that she loves him and with a smile the Sarge drifts into darkness as his lover takes him into her service.

The Sarge slowly regains consciousnesses and when he opens his eyes, his lover is there by his side lovingly stroking his hand.  He is swooning with love and then the beast asks him where the rest of his men might be.  The Sarge gladly tells her that he will show her and the demon-woman picks up the man and carries him off into the darkness as if over a honeymoon threshold.  Looking into her eyes he says, "The rest of the guys are going to love you." and she replies, "I  know."  The two disappear into the shadows towards the American's lines.

Post-Battle table.  So there ya go, the life and times of a succubus caught in the fighting of WWII.

Hope you enjoyed it,


  1. Nice report. One of the things I love about your bat-reps is that there's always some unique twist to them that I don't expect. Great report as always.

    1. It was a really fun game because the succubus player had to stay back a bit so she wouldn't get caught up in the fighting. She intended to use her slaves for all that but she still got nicked in the chaos of war. See, even all the powers of an evil demoness can't stop a bunch of .45 slugs coming her way. She just needs more lovers to make a better screen for her next time.

      Glad you liked it,