Friday, June 22, 2012

Enemy Elite Friday: Mihail Lascăr (Romania)


"On the 26.11.1941 Lascar and his Romanian mountain troops ejected the heavily dug-in Soviet forces from their positions at Alau.  After this he decided on his own initiative to take the high ground east of Chapel Hill, and was successful in this endeavor.  A day later, following a tough bunker battle, his brigade captured another important hill for the continuation of operations in the Crimea.   Later, on the 17.12.1941, General Lascar personally led his men and stormed the village of Korlowka and the important heights near Tschorbuny.  By this action he established contact with a German attacking group and created the precondition for the continued successful attacks."  from his Knight's Cross to the Iron Cross citation, awarded on January 18th, 1942 as General de Brigada, 1st Mountain Brigade of the Romanian Army.
"Following the Soviet attack on the Romanian 3rd Army in Operation Uranus, and the subsequent collapse of its front, Lascar accepted the order to take command of a group formed from the Romanian 5th, 6th and parts of the 13th, 14th and 15th Infantry Divisions.  With this unit he was to form an all-round defensive position in the area Raspopinskaja-Bazkowskij-Golowskij.  The strongly fortified villages of Raspopinskaja and Bazkowskij, located on the Don heights, were to form the linchpins of this defense.  General Lascar refused to capitulate with his group when offered the chance to do so.  For proving himself as the best example of Romanian resolve during this battle, Lascar would be decorated with the Oakleaves as the first member of a foreign army to be so honored.  The German liaison groups attached to Lascar reported that his leadership left nothing to be desired, with the lack of adequate anti-tank weapons being first and foremost the reason why a successful defense could not be carried out. After unsuccessfully trying to break out Lascar would go into captivity with his men."  from his Knight's Cross to the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves citation, awarded on November 26th, 1942 as General de divizie, 6th Infantry Division of the Romanian Army.
Now I couldn't find any detailed info on the actions that won him the Order of Michael the Brave other then what is noted below.  If you have any info on it, let us know.
Awarded the Order of Michael the Brave 3rd Class on October 17th, 1941 as General de brigada of the 1st Mixed Mountain Brigade.

Awarded the Order of Micheal the Brave 2nd Class on December 31st, 1942 as General de divizie  of the 6th Infantry Division
Another capable enemy elite,
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