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Battleground Weird WWII: Incubi & Succubi

Notes:  Now these rules are not for the kiddies and in fact not for those with delicate sensibilities.  Be sure to pick up the Battleground WWII core rulebook so you can get the most outta these monsters.  Now go and screw your way to victory!
Origin:  Incubi and Succubi are supernatural creatures that use their sexuality to seduce humans and then feed on their life force.  It is during the act of intercourse that they feed off their victims and perform the most sadistic and depraved acts to heighten their ecstasy as they drain their prey of life.  The poor individuals that aren’t killed become helpless slaves and will do whatever their master’s commands no matter how vile or horrendous the acts.  No one is sure how these creatures came to be but they are thought to be the same creatures spoken about in various mythology and religious texts across the globe.  The Incubus has the appearance of an attractive, muscular human male and the Succubus has the appearance of an athletic, beautiful human female.  Both are commonly encountered nude or in sexually suggestive dress.  In addition to their human-like traits, they also possess fangs, a forked tail and leathery bat-like wings that can retract into their backs when they wish them concealed.  Theses creatures have an insatiable appetite and must feed often to maintain their supernatural abilities.  It is common for these creatures to feed on multiple victims of both sexes at once due to this insatiable appetite.   It is rare, but some of these creatures will work together to enslave and feed in packs that can command large groups of slaves to do their bidding.  It is theorized that some of these creatures have infiltrated human society and have ascended into positions of power within several nation’s governments.  Germany and Russia are two states that are thought to have been infiltrated on a large scale by these creatures.  These countries’ intelligence agencies, spy networks, anti-partisan units, political troops, secret police services and concentration camp personnel are some of the organizations thought to have been infiltrated by these creatures in large numbers.  Hitler is said to have made a pact with some of these creatures in which he offers them his protection and in return they enforce his will within the ranks of his government as members of the SS, SD and Gestapo.  Whatever the truth may be, these creatures have the guile, intelligence and cunning to manipulate, threaten and sleep their way into positions of power within humanity with relative ease.
Actions:  Both creatures have 3 actions per turn.  Incubi and Succubi will take their actions in the Supernatural Phase.
Senses:  Both creatures make normal Sighting Checks with a –2 column shift due to their superhuman sight.  These creatures can also see in the dark but will not gain the column shift modifier above but will roll as if making their check in the daylight.  Their sight allows them to see through smoke, fog, mist, etc, so none of these conditions will cause impairment.  Both have human-level hearing and will follow all sound rules as normal.  These creatures have a supernatural sense of smell that allows them to hunt by smell alone.  These creatures’ lust is such that it is able to hunt by the smell of a humans pheromones alone, making any pubescent human trackable.  All Incubi and Succubi will smell any pubescent human within 15".  This sense of smell can also be a hindrance if they are around very pungent odors that can obscure their prey's scent.  Examples of such odors are fuels, chemicals and other very power smelling compounds.  If these creatures are within 12" of such vapors, they cannot use their sense of smell special rules.
Strength:  These creatures posses the strength of several humans so triple all range categories when throwing items.  Both can press/lift 1500 lbs at a ¼ Skill Check and have an AP of 2 with a +15 result on the Penetration Effects chart with their feet or claws.
Toughness:  These creatures are incredibly resilient and the only way to kill one is to either prevent it from feeding or cause a Gory Death against it.   If the creature sustains a Heavy Wound they will lose one action and suffer a +5 penalty on all die rolls as normal for the remainder of the battle unless they feed and have time to recover from their wounds as stated in the rules below.  Both the Incubus and Succubus are immune to all diseases and toxins that might affect a normal human.  Because of their supernatural toughness, Incubi and Succubi will gain a +2 to all damage taken except from Righteous weaponry in which they will suffer a -2 to their damage result.  If playing a campaign, both creatures will be completely healed at the start of each game due to a supernatural healing trait.
Movement:  These creatures are extremely fast and also have the ability of low-level flight that gives them an enormous range to seek out prey.  Both may move 8”, crawl 5” and fly up to 15” per action.  When flying, just measure the actual movement of their flight.  Both creatures can also swim triple the normal rate and can hold their breath indefinitely.
Morale:  Both of these creatures survive on draining the life force from humanity and will do whatever it takes to survive.   Both the Incubus and Succubus have a Morale of 19-3.  These creatures cannot become heroes or cowards and will always fight under the Fanatic rules.  Both creatures can use weapons and equipment as normal with the appropriate modifiers.
Close Combat:  These creatures are extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat and can easily kill a person quick and painless or slow and agonizing.  To illustrate their fighting prowess, both creatures roll 2 dice and apply a –6 modifier to the lowest dice.  If they win, they can choose to kill their victim or choose to feed on them as listed in the Sexual Aura and Feeding sections.  If they opt to kill their opponent, it will be as if their opponent received a Gory Death and will take a full game turn before they can perform other actions as they relish in their victim's demise.  If the creature loses the combat, they have been bested and succumb to a killing blow.
Sexual Aura and Feeding:  Incubi and Succubi emit such a sexual presence that any pubescent human within 5” and in LOS will be drawn to them.  Any pubescent human within 5” must make a ½ Morale Check to suppress their sexual desires.  If passed, the human is able to control their urges and act normal but if failed they must move within base-to-base contact with the creature as soon as possible.  Once in base-to-base contact, both will either move to cover to have sex or do it right there.  It is at this time that the creature feeds or enslaves their victims.  For every victim that is in base-to-base contact with one of these creatures, they must roll a dice to see how many actions it will take to completely drain them of life.  The Incubus rolls a D10+2 per victim were the Succubus rolls a D20+2.  If the creature expends the total number of actions rolled while feeding, they have fed on their victim until they have died.  But if they stop before the total number of actions rolled, they will enslave them instead.  For example, a Succubus has drawn a panzergrenadier away from his squad with her Sexual Aura and has led him to an abandoned building.  A roll of 8+2 is rolled and she feeds a total of 8 actions and stops.  She has now enslaved the man to her bidding and he will do as she commands, but if she fed the full 10 actions the panzergrenadier would be a lifeless husk underneath her.  Remember that these creatures must feed and feed often or they will parish.  The chart below shows the number of actions these creatures need to spend feeding during each battle to survive.  However ravenous these creatures may become, they will never feed upon anything other than humans.  These creatures will recover from any wounds sustained after every battle so if playing a campaign keep this in mind but if they fail to feed the amount listed below before the battle is over they will parish.

                                Creature Type     Actions of Feeding Per Game
                                 Incubus                                          25
                                 Succubus                                       15

Sexual Enslavement:  During sex, these creatures can feed until their victim dies or only partially in which their victims become enslaved.  This is done by the promising of sexual acts if the victim follows the creature’s instructions.  This sadomasochistic mind control is supernatural in nature, making the slave completely subservient to their master’s control and will perform any deed no matter how depraved or heinous, to please them.  This is represented in the slave’s Morale of 19.  This can never be lowered unless the slave is knocked out or the bond between the slave and creatures is broken.  The Incubus is capable of enslaving up to 5 humans at once were as the Succubus is able to enslave up to 12.  Both have an unlimited range of influence on their slaves and do not need to be within line of sight to control them.  The slaves will also lust after their master’s other slaves becoming sexually attracted to them as well, but will never act on their feelings for another slave unless under their master’s orders.  This trait strengthens the bonds between the slaves to fight and die for each other.  Slaves will never Break, become a hero or coward, take Morale Checks or be Suppressed, unless in a blast, while under control of one of these creatures.  Slaves do not have to move with their master’s card during the Supernatural Phase but may move with their original unit or by themselves.  To keep the bond between master and slave true, the Incubus and Succubus must feed on their slaves within a 24-hour period.  In game terms, they must feed at least 2 actions per battle to remain in control.  Failure to do so will cause the control over the slave to fail and they will awaken from what seemed to be a nightmare with no other knowledge of their enslavement but the feeling of withdraw.  Ex-slaves will suffer a +4 to all die rolls for the remainder of the battle in which they regained their freedom.  These creatures will also lose control of their slaves if they Break, sustain a Heavy Wound or die.
The Righteous:  The Righteous are those individuals who have dedicated their lives to the service of God.  Due to their training, indoctrination and faith, any religious clergy are able to fight off the seductions of these creatures with a basic Morale Check with a –5 bonus modifier.  These servants of God are the greatest prize for these vile creatures as their corruption is the greatest ecstasy that they can experience.  These creatures will always feed off these types of human for all but one action rolled.  These victims fill both creatures with such ecstasy and bliss that they must be kept in LOS with them when enslaved.  Clergy are humans within the Judeo-Christian clergy with a title bestowed upon them by their faith.  Other faiths don’t affect these creatures for some reason so they are treated as if they were any other human prey.  Succubi and Incubi that do feed off the Righteous will gain an extra action per turn for the remainder of the battle.  However, some Righteous individuals and creatures are incorruptible and will be ignored by these creatures because so.  These creatures and individuals will be noted within their own special rules.
Susceptible to Holy Kit and Weaponry:  Holy kit and weapons are those items that have been blessed by the Righteous to do battle against specific supernatural threats.  Any weapon or piece of kit wielded by a Righteous individual will cause an additional –5 to an Incubus or Succubus on the Effects Chart.  This type of implement will also cause one of these creatures to balk at the sight of such kit when they realize it is extremely dangerous to them.  Any Righteous kit within 10” that is not hidden or obscured will cause one of these creatures to make an immediate ½ Skill Check.  If they pass, they can act however they wish but if failed they creature will expend D6 actions to move as far away from the treat as possible.  In addition, the creature will immediately command all slaves, no matter what they may have order them to do earlier, to attack this treat.  Holy items are rare and very coveted by the Righteous and will not be available to anyone other then those who have special rules as such in their rules.

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  1. Ah. BATTLEGROUND WWII. A system I own and have played before, and would play again.

    1. It's an excellent system and it is the bases for my home brew Battleground Weird WWII. Feel free to check out the rules and tell me what you think.