Saturday, September 15, 2012

"The 25th Reich"

5 American GIs in the Australian outback get caught up in a secret OSS time machine experiment and get thrown throughout time to discover various realities where the Nazis are running amok.  Can these dog-faced GIs kick the shit outta the goose steppers or will the universe be swayed by the crooked cross?!  This is a low budget Aussie flick due out this year that looks to be an instant Sci-Fi original in every way.  After watching the trailer it reminded me of the most excellent Cleopatra 2525 with the addition of a few GIs and some swastikas.  Although I haven't seen it, this looks like another WWWII flick that I won't lose any sleep in missing.

Who knows, it might just be the next Blubberella so keep your eyes peeled in the bargain bin at your local Goodwill store.

Well I finally watched this turkey and it is a waste of time.  I do have to say that the title sequence was pretty cool but the rest sucked balls.  Well, welcome to the long list of shitty Weird WWII titles and may you and SS Doomtrooper enjoy each others company.

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