Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Air Fighters Comics"

1941 Vol. 1 Issue 1

1942 Vol. 2 Issue 5

2010 Air Fighters Issue 1

Air Fighters Comics was an anthology comic that told tales of numerous aircraft-themed characters.  The comic was originally published by Hillman Periodicals, Inc back in 1941.  Some of the most popular characters to grace its pages was Airboy, Black Angel, Iron Ace, Valkyrie and the Flying Duchman.  The characters from the original Air Fighters Comics have spawned their own series through the years from various publishers and recently Moonstone published a new edition of Air Fighters that told new tales of theses wartime aviator adventurers.  Do some Google-Fu and see what you can find because any issue of any volume of Air Fighters is well worth the read!

A must for any aviator or aviatrix adventure fan,

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