Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Raiders of the Lost Ark"

Archeologist, Indiana Jones attempts to stop the Nazis from securing for themselves the world's first weapon of mass destruction; the biblical Ark of the Covenant.  Can this adventurer stop the Nazis before the word is enslaved under the banner of the crooked cross?!  Now this is the quintessential Hollywood pulp adventure movie and it is fantastic!  I remember seeing it as a kid in the movies and loving it and in fact it got me into looking for more pulp to satisfy my craving for high adventure.  After saying that, I have consumed a ton of pulp over the years and it has lessened my love for the film in that it's just to clean.   I mean its seedy locals are just not gritty enough and those Nazis were just not evil enough for me.  And most of all, NO NAKED CHICKS!  I have found that I like my pulp like I like my women; mean, dirty and naked!  Another thing is the dialog could be so much better.  Just imagine Elmore Linard's dialog set in the world of Nazis and ass-kickin' archeologists! A reboot of Indy in a more realistic hard core pulp setting would do gangbusters I think but that's just my trash brain thinking because this is still a great flick in almost every way and a must for any pulp or Weird WWII fan!  Relive the adventure and don on that whip, Webley and fedora and go kick the shit outta some Nazi goose-steppers!

I hate snakes too,
Read the movie adaptation here.

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