Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Honored Allies Wednesday: Dennis E. Healy (Egypt)

Now I haven't found the action that warranted Healy's War Cross citation but below is the account of his Distinguished Service Order so that might have something to do with the other. 
"Flight Lieutenant Healey, Pilot Officer Schofield and Sergeant Kingett, as captain, navigator and wireless operator/air gunner respectively, have consistently displayed great skill, courage and devotion to duty in the execution of their duties.  They were selected as members of the crew of a Catalina flying boat which was recently detailed for certain special operations.  Four flights have been completed involving a total distance of 9.500 miles, much of which was flown in the most severe weather. Nevertheless this crew, displaying superb skill and undaunted determination, accomplished their task successfully.  They displayed magnificent fortitude throughout."

Another honored ally,
Brian & Mel

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