Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Oasis of the Zombies" aka "L'Abîme des Morts-Vivants" aka "La tumba de los Muertos Vivientes" aka ... About A Half Dozen Other Names

A group of swingin' treasure hunters head for North Africa to try and find a lost Nazi convoy of war booty but when they find it they are horrified to discover that it is still being guarded by the Afrikakorps soldiers originally ordered to protect it but only now as ZOMBIES!  As cool as the summery is this movie sucks!  Its your classic bad, bad, bad, bad and I don't mean good flick but if you are into torturing yourself with crap then this is the flick for you.  Check out the trailer but be warned, your eyes might just bleed from what you behold.

A total waste of time but it's still Weird WWII,

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