Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Honored Allies Wednesday: Patrick G. Jameson (United Kingdom)

"This officer led his flight with determination over completely strange country during operations in the Narvik area.  He discovered and set on fire, two four-engined enemy flying boats which were concealed against the almost vertical side of Rombaksfjord, in a position most difficult to attack.  No trace of them was found during a reconnaissance shortly afterwards.   The following morning he destroyed a Junkers 88 over Ofotfjord.  During the previous seven months he has led his flight with skill and determination, both by day and by night, often in extremely bad weather conditions.  His example has been an inspiration to the rest of the squadron."  from his Distinguished Flying Cross citation that was also the same actions that lead him receiving the War Cross on October 1st, 1943 as Wing Commander of No. 11 Group.
Another deadly ally!
Brian & Mel

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