Thursday, December 2, 2021

Weird War Wednesday Episode 10 - Zvallid YouTube channel, "The Keep" and Chemical/Biological Weapons

Keep it WEIRD!!!
Brian & Mel


  1. Yeah, the AVBCW thing was some brits wanting to wargame the SCW but in the UK.
    It's kind of hard to do mid 1930s civil war in the US, because 1930 models are few and far between. Or find a decent kick off/catalyst for a war in the US.
    But if you're into the Idea and alt history. Look up Kaiserreich, point of divergence is the central powers win the Great War and the US never entered WW1. of course, if you already know about it then ignore.
    Alternethistoryhub video about the fiction.
    The mod developers YouTube page.

    1. I'll try and trace those down and give them a go. Thanks for the heads up.