Thursday, September 2, 2021

"The Rebels of PT-218"

The Victory Ship, SS Lawton B. Evans is tasked with assisting in taking out some of the coastal defenses before the Invasion of Italy.  Will this cargo ship's crew have what it takes?!  This low-budget flick is very roughly based on the exploits of the SS Evans.  Now I don't understand the title as it isn't even a PT-Boat but rather a Victory Ship and the only PT you see is wasted within the first 5 minutes of the flick.  This is just more drivel from the ass clowns from the Asylum so watch it while doing your taxes, taking a shower or when your not even in the same room and you'll enjoy it.  Check out the trailer below.

Love Roberts, Trejo and even the youngest Baldwin but this is crap,

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