Friday, September 3, 2021

Enemy Elite Friday: Robert Zeiher (Germany)

"SS-Grenadier-Regiment “Radolfzell” was probably composed of staff and students from the SS-Unterführerschule in Radolfzell.  Krätschmer lists Zeiher as receiving his Knight’s Cross as Kommandeur in der I./SS-Unterführerschule Radolfzell, which could have been in Kampfgruppe “Stattler” commanded by SS-Obersturmbannführer Karl Stattler, who was awarded his Knight’s Cross on 16 January 1945 as Kommandeur, Kampfgruppe “Stattler”, part of 189.Volksgrenadier-Division, LXIV.Armee-Korps, 19.Armee, Armee-Gruppe “Opper Rhein”, Western Front."  Now I don't have any more info on what action gained him this award so if you do let us know. 
Another mystery!
Brian & Mel 


  1. He is i Heer uniform with his medal , not SS

    1. He is a Heer officer that was part of a SS kampfgruppe which was pretty common later in the war when the Germans were scrambling to fill holes on the front line.