Wednesday, May 27, 2020

"April 9th"

It's April 9, 1940 and the Germans are massing on the Danish border and it is up to the Danish army to defend their country from the Nazi juggernaut.  This is a great movie about the single day the Danish spent trying to defend their nation.  It follows a single unit as it engages and is slowly pushed back again and again until the inevitable conclusion.  Give the trailer a gander and see what you think.

A great film about a chapter that is all but forgotten to so many,
Brian & Melonie


  1. Slight correction. It's about the Danish army, not the dutch.

  2. Oppps, you caught me! You get the "No Prize" prize.

    Thanks, brother.

  3. I love prizes!
    And NP dude, happy to help.