Sunday, April 26, 2020

Our weekend gaming!

Some pics from our gaming this weekend.  It pitted Germans vs. Russians vs. VAMPIRES?!

Brian & Melonie

 The keep that the Russians want to use as a OP but the vamps might have issue with that.

 My German recon jeep get blown to shit!

 The Soviet walkers burn from my well placed autocannon fire!

 The Russians advance to the bridge!

 My recon troops seek refuge in the keep.

 Dinner time!

 Something dark flys over the river towards the Soviets!

 I show my gamesmanship after I runn over several Soviets with my armored car!

 A Hero of the Soviet Union

 The deserted landscape before all hell breaks loose.

 The armored cars race across the bridge with the Germans nipping at their feet!

 The burning crew of a Soviet walker trys to escape their death but fails.

 Charging the bridge!

 A lady of the night

 The armored car crushes its enemy!

... and keeps crushing!


  1. what set of rules did you use?

    1. We use my homebrew Battleground Weird WWII. You can check out all the differing rules for it in the Labels section on the left side of the blog. All rules are free so if you use them let me know what you think of them.