Sunday, January 3, 2010

"Our Army at War" & "Sgt. Rock"

Can't believe it has taken me so long to do an entry about my all time favorite comic, Our Army at War and its later incarnation, Sgt. Rock.  This was the comic that got me into comics and it was Kubert, Kanigher and Heath that solidified me a life-long Sgt. Rock fan.  This first look into comics also opened my eyes to other books and characters and epic storytelling that you could never get from tv or films.  I was hooked instantly and following the fight of Easy Company and seeing the futility of war and what it does to the human soul had made me see the reality of the madness at an early age.  Our Army at War is an epic book that any WWII fan should read and if you swing over here and here you can do just that for free.

Enjoy and make war no more,

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