Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Honored Allies Wednesday: Stephen H. Beattie (United Kingdom)


       Legion d'Honneur                 Stephen "Sam" Halden Beattie                   Victoria Cross 

"For great gallantry and determination in the attack on St. Nazaire in command of HMS Campbeltown.  Under intense fire directed at the bridge from point blank range of about 100 yards, and in the face of the blinding glare of many searchlights, he steamed her into the lock-gates and beached and scuttled her in the correct position.  This Victoria Cross is awarded to Lieutenant-Commander Beattie in recognition not only of his own valour but also of that of the unnamed officers and men of a very gallant ship's company, many of whom have not returned.

From Lt. Cdr. Beattie's Victoria Cross citation, awarded on May, 14, 1942.  Beattie was also awarded the Legion d'Honneur in 1947 for his actions to free France from her occupiers.

A true bad ass that was recognized by several Allies for his actions against the forces of freedom!

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