Saturday, July 26, 2014

"Darkness on the Ice"


"It was World War II, and the Nazis had found the perfect weapon...
Wolff, a Nazi SS officer, had an innate talent - and thirst - for killing. As he sliced the throats of enemy sentries, his strength and stealth allowed him to drain and drink their warm blood with ease. Now, his new assignment at a Nazi weather station in the arctic left Wolff basking in the darkness of the winter days, yet a need for blood consumed him; and with a scarcity of enemies, Wolff would have to make some desperate choices...
Two Weather Groups had already been taken prisoner by the U.S. Coast Guard, and Luftwaffe Captain Martin Dietrich was glad to see Wolff arrive at his Greenland weather station. Yet there was something sinister about the SS officer, something that reeked of death and terror. And when his men started to disappear, Dietrich sensed a waking nightmare was about to begin...
"  This was a pretty fun read so pick it up if you can.

Not bad,

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