Saturday, May 17, 2014

"Sudden Strike" & "Sudden Strike Forever"


"The original Sudden Strike, released in 2000, included three campaigns (Soviets, Germans, and Allied forces).  The battles are presented in an isometric perspective with line-of-sight occlusions and practical cover.  Sudden Strike helped pioneer the real-time tactics genre, building upon concepts established by Counter Action for DOS, which was published by Mindscape in 1996."  This is a WWII clone of Command and Conquer so it was pretty fun for the day.  Give the trailer a go below and see what it was like.

"Sudden Strike Forever was an official add-on to Sudden Strike which introduces many more historically correct units and equipment.  New terrains are also provided: a desert terrain for the British missions in Tobruk and Tripoli and snow terrains for Soviet missions.  The expansion also polished the game engine, balanced the damage of certain units, and added a map and scenario editor."

It was fun for the day,

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