Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"Yesterday's Enemy"

A battle weary British unit is in full retreat from the advancing Japanese forces in thick jungles of Burma.  Exhausted, hungry, low on ammunition and provisions and outta options, these men make a last stand against an ever growing foe that is quickly closing in all around them.  Can they make their escape or will they be consumed by the might of the Empire of Japan?!  This is a fantastic Hammer flick!  It is full of action and the acting is top notch!  Any fan of WWII flicks must see this for a refreshing take to the classic war flick.  A realistic depiction of the decisions, be them good or bad, an officer must make in the most dire of situations.  Couldn't find a trailer but you can catch the whole movie below.

A gritty and rememberable film,

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