Tuesday, March 25, 2014

"The Way Ahead" aka "The Immortal Battalion"

During the dark days of WWII where the British Empire stood alone against the Fascist hordes, common folk left their civilian lives for that of a soldier's and this is the tale of The Way Ahead.  We follow a group of civies change from complaining recruits to ass-kickin' Tommies!  This is your average propaganda film of the time but its still a lot of fun and has some decent action scenes in it.  Couldn't find a trailer but you can watch the whole flick below.

It's worth a watch,


  1. It's one of the great wartime propaganda films that the Brits made. David Niven is terrific as a part-time officer who has to turn professional after Dunkirk, and has a great supporting cast - some of the greats in British cinema, like Stanley Holloway. Thanks for the link, I threw out my VHS copy last year.
    Every WW2 fan should watch this film!