Saturday, December 21, 2013

"War in Tokyo"

"In 1945 Japan did not surrender.  The Allies push hard to bring an end to World War II.  What ends is nuclear fallout in Tokyo.  With civil unrest across the globe, the Allies send special teams into radiated Tokyo to find the Japanese Army and its government to secure surrender and bring an end to World War II.  The story to War in Tokyo uses the reality that during a time of war, technology advances at a faster pace than in a time of peace.  Using the powerful D20, Antics are releasing the BETA mechanic for the War in Tokyo wargame.  The Hunting Pack is an rpg tabletop wargame, so what a troop finds, hacks, kills or knocks out affects them after the skirmish and any later skirmishes; that trooper may even level up and find new specialties to branch out into, the decision is yours...  Controlling four units to begin with, players will embark on a journey to find the hiding Japanese government (Allied Forces), stop the Allied invasion (Japanese Forces), or assist the army that pays the most (Mercs), to bring an end to the war.  Which side are you on?"  Give it a go here!

Sounds interesting!

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