Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"Doctor Dare"

Dr. Joanna Dare was working on a super-soldier serum for the United States military when she was captured by a team of Nazi saboteurs who then wired her and her lab to explode.  Luckily, the doctor was able to ingest the only sample of the secret serum which caused her body to transform into the perfect fighting machine thus saving her life from the explosion.  Now whenever she has an organism, Dare turns into America's mightiest weapon against the Axis and any other evils that threaten freedom!  Dr. Dare is your typical XXX grindhouse super-soldier of WWII with the exception she needs to cum before she transforms into America's wartime champion.  Its over the top action, sex and cheesecake so check out several tales of the Doctor below if your Dare!  Get it?  If you DARE?!  Yeah, yeah.

And I thought Banner had it bad!

"The Right Man for the Job"
"Space: 1939"
"Dare in the Philippines"


  1. Should you ever feel the need to do more miniatures Brian, surely those Jap sex camp guards from Doctor Dare are prime candidates? I'm thinking 3 variants, one with bionic legs, one with missile launching breasts, and one with (interchangeable?) arms/tentacles.
    Go on Brian, you know you want to...

  2. If I had the cash, you'd see all sorts of awesome stuff on the market!


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  4. please post more doctor dare stories!