Saturday, August 3, 2013

Battleground Weird WWII: Vickers Light Tank Model 1936 "Dutchman"

Notes:  This little guy was outclassed before the war's start but it was all some small armies had at the time.
Date Introduced:  Mid '36
Users:  UK, Netherlands, Dutch East Indies & China
Vehicle Chart:  We use the Mk. VI Light Tank vehicle chart in the Crusade for Empire supplement.
Crew:  2 (commander & driver)
No Radio: All the models of the "Dutchman" weren't fitted with a radio and will suffer the No Radio penalty as noted within the BGWWWII rules.
Riveted Construction:  All models have riveted construction and will suffer as such if struck at the appropriate locations by enemy fire.  Any non-penetrating hits to a location with rivets will force any crew that might be at that location to take an immediate D column hit.  Apply any effects as normal with the exception of any MC or Suppression results will be considered -1 action for the effected crewman for the remainder of the battle.  Apply what locations are covered by this rule via the WYSIWYG rules.
Poor Cross-Country Mobility:  All models have poor cross-country performance and will be treated as a wheeled-vehicle when moving off-road.
4" Smoke Dischargers:  The Dutchman has two sets of 4" smoke launchers fixed to either side of the turret loaded with smoke rounds.  The commander uses an action to fire the launchers in which both fire a smoke round that will then smoke the front 180-degrees of the turret's front.  The launchers can only be reloaded externally and it will take a crewman one action to do so for each of the two launchers.  If only one set is loaded and then fired, it will only produce a 90-degree smoke cloud to the front side of whatever launcher was fired.  Availability is 5.
Searchlight:  The Dutchman can mount a small searchlight fitted to the right side of the turret next to the main gun.  The searchlight will shine forward of the turret whichever direction it is pointing and illuminates a 10" wide cone that extends out to 28".
Commander as Gunner:  The commander acts as gunner for all the vehicle's weapons.  Because the main guns are machine guns, there is no penalties when firing.
Home Guard or Police Use:  The possibility of this vehicle to find its way into a Home Guard or Police unit is quite high thus the Availability is 12 for D4 vehicles for Home Guard units and a 5 for any civilian police forces.
Wargaming Piece: I don't know of anyone who makes any 1/48 or 1/50 models or die-cast toys of the Dutchman so if you do let us know.

          Wt   Sz   HF   TF   HS   TS   HR   TR   HT   TT   Sd   Ld   TR   Ty   Smk   HMG   CMG   AAMG   Gun   AP   APCR   HEAT   HE   HE Size 
          4     S     2     2      2     1      2      1     1     1     9   -----    N    T     5       -----     -----     -----     MMG   --     -----      -----    -----      -----

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