Friday, July 19, 2013

Enemy Elite Friday: Gustav Altmann (Germany)


"On the first day of the Battle of France (10.05.1940) Oberleutnant Altmann commanded Sturmgruppe “Stahl”, the Fallschirmjäger detachment that was tasked with seizing the bridge over the Albert Canal at Veldwezelt.  Altmann and his men succeeded in capturing the bridge and then holding it against fierce attacks by the Belgian 7th Infantry Division until finally being relieved by a reinforced battalion of the Schützen-Regiment 33.  This was the only bridge over the Albert Canal along the German’s advance road that led towards Antwerp.  Altmann would thereby swiftly be awarded the Knight’s Cross for achieving such a major operational success."  from his Knight's Cross to the Iron Cross citation awarded on May 12th, 1940 as Oberleutnant of the Sturmgruppe "Stahl", Sturm Abteilung "Koch", 7th FJ Division.
Another deadly enemy elite, 

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