Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Reeds

Notes:  Prepare yourself for the weirdest Weird WWII duo ever, the Reeds.
Phineas Reed was one of Germany's greatest geneticists second to only Arnim Zola.  Reed was responsible for numerous bio-weapons employed by the Nazi military especially his various chemical agents to stifle the zombiefication of the dead.  In fact, his experiments have been so popular that Zola has secretly developed a hatred for his number two for upstaging him on numerous occasions.  Reed was suddenly diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and he pleaded with his mentor to imprint his mind into another body so that he may live on to help protect the Fatherland.  Zola agreed and instead of imprinting Reed's mind into his intended subject, Zola transferred it into the body of one of the lab’s test chimpanzees.  Reed was held within Zola's personal laboratory for months until it was damaged by an Allied bombing raid, which made it possible for him to make his escape.  Reed attempted to report his imprisonment to his commanding officer but was dismissed as a prank of Zola's twisted mind.  Devastated, Reed vowed to repay Zola for his treachery and is now actively performing subversive attacks against Zola and the Nazi's Bio-Weapons Division of which he was employed.  These acts are in no way related to helping the Allied cause, as Reed is no friend to the Allies either and acts only in his self-interests.  Prof. Reed is capable of simple speech within his new monkey body and still retains his vast knowledge.  Phineas is assisted in these attacks by is wife Greta.  Greta is Phineas' lifelong lover since the two met in grade school.  Greta was a famous Burlesque dancer in Berlin before the war and is very beautiful and an exemplary actress.  She is also very intelligent knowing how to read and write several languages as well as being somewhat knowledgeable in her husband's scientific field.  Shocked at her lover’s current state, Greta pledged to take on her husband's revenge against Zola and his Nazi masters.  Their love is of such intensity that she has come to accept her husband's current, but hopefully temporary, state.  Currently, the two are performers in a sideshow act in a famous German traveling circus that entertains troops on various military facilities as well as just behind the front.  It is from here they stage their attacks against their hated enemies.  Greta continues her Burlesque shows and Reed is "Bobo, the Super-Chimp", performing as her assistant during the show.  The two hope to force Zola to reverse the transference and then exact their final revenge against their tormentor.
Names:  Phineas & Greta Reed
Occupation:  Circus Performers
Nationality:  Germany
Political Affiliation:  None
Military Affiliations:  None
Base of Operations:  Bonner & Klein's Traveling Circus, Europe
Height:  3' 3" (Phineas) / 5' 11" (Greta)
Weight:  78 lbs (Phineas) / 105 lbs (Greta)
Eyes:  Brown (Phineas) / Blue (Greta)
Hair:  Brown Fur (Phineas) / Blond (Greta)
Actions:  The Reed's both have 2 actions as normal.
Senses:  Greta has normal human senses and all normal rules apply but Phineas has the senses of a chimpanzee and are slightly altered.  Phineas’ eyesight is as normal but his hearing and smell are greatly enhanced.  He will detect movement at double the normal range as well as smell things that might be out of the ordinary up to 15".
Strength & Toughness:  Greta has the normal strength and toughness of a woman who engages in extensive physical activity.  Phineas is of normal strength and toughness of a ape of his type.  All damage taken will be at a -1 to the result.  When fighting in close combat, Phineas will suffer a +1 to his final score due to being of weaker strength then that of a normal human.
Movement:  Both may move at the normal rate.  In addition, Phineas can climb up anything as if he were moving on a flat surface and is also able to leap up to 5" for free.  Phineas may also swing and jump to multiple items or surfaces with a successful Skill Check.
Training:  Phineas is of genius level in all known scientific studies and above genius in genetics.  Phineas also has all the strengths and weaknesses that a chimp would posses.  Greta is an accomplished acrobat and dancer as well as fluent in most European languages.  Greta was also an assistant to her husband and is somewhat knowledgeable in genetics and basic scientific thought.
Leadership:  Phineas has a 19-2 Morale where as Great has a 17-1.
Weapons & Equipment:  The duo are equipped with common weaponry and explosives available to the German military.  The two also have special items and equipment that Phineas has created for use in their raids.
Phineas’ Firearms:  With the help of his wife, Phineas has engineered several firearms that may be manipulated by his chimp hands.  Phineas has access to several pistols and a sub-machine gun of this type so he will not suffer from any penalties with these firearms.  If Phineas picks up a weapon on the battlefield he will suffer an additional +2 penalty to fire due to his inability to handle it properly.
Alluring Wiles:  Greta is a very famous and well know burlesque dancer and is capable of manipulating many to her will.  She will go to any length to get what she or her husband wants so anything is possible.  This is often how the duo obtains information and weapons for their activities.  Greta can attempt to beguile anyone of any sex with a successful Skill Check.  If successful, she is able to convince her target or targets to do something for a max of D20 action as her husband performs some sort of action during her diversion.  This can be anything the Commander chooses just as long as it is within the actions rolled.  During this time, her target will ignore any thing that would normally alert them with the exception of blatantly obvious factors like a gun firing or something of that nature.  She can also withdraw information from all but the most willful.  On a successful ½ Skill Check she is able to exact any information she wishes from her target.  She must be in base-to-base contact with them and already under influence as noted above.  In addition, anyone who has been beguiled by her in a previous action will suffer a +4 To Hit if they have to fire on her or fight her in close combat.
Manipulation Modifiers
Target is a Woman     +2
Target is Married       +2
Target is  a Civilian or Off-Duty Military     -2
Target is Civlian Police, Military Police or from a Security Force     +1
Target is of Veteran or Better Troop Quality     +3
Wargaming Piece:  These rules are done specifically for the most excellent "Intrepid Young Woman" miniature pictured below done by Black Scorpion Miniatures.  Now, go out and get one!

 Phineas and Greta

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