Friday, February 22, 2013

Enemy Elite Friday: Hermann Zimmermann (Germany)

"Awarded for actions during the latter stages of the Battle of France.  On the evening of the 14.06.1940, his battalion (along with Panzer-Regiment 5) had reached a point approximately 15 km north of the city of St. Florentin.  He received an order to capture the city along with its key bridges as soon as possible. Upon hearing favorable intelligence, he decided the best strategy was a coup de main, and sent out a reinforced company first.  Intermingling with the fleeing refugees and French soldiers, they went unnoticed for some time, and when they were recognized they opened fire at close range.  Despite the mass of vehicles and people that had clogged the roads, and Zimmermann himself being wounded in the course of the fighting, his soldiers were able to seize all the bridges intact and held them against counterattacks.  The victory was a tremendous one, with Zimmermann’s battalion capturing 112 officers, 2,360 NCOs and enlisted men, over 500 vehicles (including 4 tanks and 4 armored cars), 21 various artillery pieces and a depot with six million liters of fuel." from his Knight's Cross to the Iron Cross citation, awarded on September 4th, 1940 as Major of the Schützen Regiment 3.
Another deadly enemy elite,

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