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Battleground Weird WWII: Lilith

Origin:  The creature known, as Lilith is none other than the first wife of the biblical Adam.  It is said that God created both Adam and Lilith as equals to live together in the Garden of Eden, but Lilith thought herself to be above Adam and refused to acknowledge him as her equal.  As her disgust for Adam grew, she uttered the true name of God and left Eden of her own free will.  After leaving Eden, Lilith mated with many of the fallen angels, giving birth to untold numbers of demons called Lilin.  In Eden, Adam grew lonely for his wife and prayed to God to return her.  God sent the angels Senoy, Sansenoy and Semangelof to return Lilith to the garden but she venomously refused to return to her perceived lesser.  Because of her refusal, the angels told her that she would be punished by having 100 of her offspring killed each day she refused God's will and 100 of her demonic offspring were killed in front of her.  Enraged, she proclaimed that she would prey on the children of Adam for her damnation and the slaughter of her offspring thus the demon know as Lilith was born.  Lilith continued to mate with the Fallen and from these corrupted unions creating the demons known as the Incubi and Succubi.  Throughout history, Lilith has fed off humanity and her lust for vengeance has never been satisfied.  It is believed that Lilith has currently struck a deal with the Third Reich to become the Nazis' top interrogator.  Using her supernatural lures and whiles, she gains the information needed in return for protection and an unlimited pool of victims to devour.  She is said to be stationed in Berlin but it is reported that she often travels to various prison camps with her entourage to hold interrogations when needed.  Lilith is truly the mother of all that is evil and must not be shown any mercy or pity, as she will never offer any herself.
Date Active:  Late '39
Matriarch of the Dammed:  Lilith is the matriarch of all the Incubi and Succubi demons on Earth.  All of these demon types will bow to her authority and will do whatever she commands.  She has an unlimited Command Range and only needs to be on the battlefield to control her children.  Lilith is considered the vilest sadist known to humanity equal only to Satan himself in debauchery and wickedness.  This may be why the only creature she has ever submitted to was the Prince of Darkness himself.
Sadistic Lust and Superhuman Attributes:  Like her children, Lilith survives by feeding off humanity's life force.  She has maintained her youthful appearance over the ages through her feedings.  She is absolutely incorruptible and fears little.  She has 4 actions per turn with a 19-8 Morale. She will never give quarter and can never be a coward or hero.  She can never Break unless due to the Righteous and will never be Suppressed or take Gut Checks.  She is considered to have the strength of several men thus triple all throwing ranges.  The only way to kill Lilith is if she sustains 2 Gory Death results.  Lilith will ignore the first Gory Death result and will only have 3 actions after sustaining her first Gory Death result.
Supernatural Phase:  Lilith and any slaves she may have will take their actions in the Supernatural Phase.   However, slaves may be moved by their unwitting players until they are exposed as slaves which they will then perform their actions during the Supernatural Phase as normal.  The only exception to this is that the Sage twins must move with her during this phase, no matter the situation.
Movement:  Lilith is extremely fast and agile which allows her to move up to 10", crawl 5" and leap up to 6" per action.  Unlike her children, Lilith has no wings and cannot fly.
Sight and Hearing:  Lilith receives a -2 column shift when making any Sight Checks.  She will also ignore all Night Rules for sighting.  Lilith has normal human hearing and will follow all rules as such.
Close Combat:  Lilith acts similar to her children in this category except she rolls 3 dice in Close Combat choosing the best for her final score.
Sexual Aura and Feeding: 
Like her children, Lilith survives by feeding off humanity's life force.  She emits such a sexual presence that any human of any age within 5” and in LOS will be drawn to her.  Any human within 5” must make a ¼ Morale Check to suppress their sexual desires.  If passed, the human is able to control their urges and act normally but if failed they must move within base-to-base contact with her as soon as possible.  Once in base-to-base contact, both will either move to cover to have sex or do it right there.  It is at this time that Lilith feeds on her victims.  For every victim in base-to-base contact with her, they must roll a D6 to see how many actions it will take her to completely drain them of life.  If she expends the total number of actions rolled while feeding, she has fed on her victim until they have died.  But if she stops before the total number of actions rolled, she will enslave her lover instead.  Follow the Sexual Enslavement rules below for any slaves she has made during the battle.  For example, Lilith has drawn a panzergrenadier away from his squad with her Sexual Aura and has led him to an abandoned building.  A roll of 4 is rolled on the D6 and she feeds a total of 3 actions and stops.  She has now enslaved the man to her bidding and he will do as she commands.  If Lilith chose to feed the full 4 actions, the panzergrenadier would be a lifeless husk underneath her.  Unlike her children, Lilith is able to survive much longer between feedings so she is not bound by the rules for minimum feedings per battle.  However, she must feed off the Sage twins after every D20+10 turns for all but 1 of the max score rolled for doing so.   Follow the Sage Twin rules below when Lilith is required to feed off the twins.
Sexual Enslavement:  Lilith acts identical to her spawn in all rules except in that she is able to enslave 20 humans at any given time and doesn't need to feed off them but once to keep her enslavement true.  Ex-slaves will also suffer a +8 to all dice rolls if freed during a battle.
The Righteous:  Lilith is not bound by any of the Righteous feeding rules as she has the Sage twins for her fix.  However, she can feed off these individuals but they must make a ¼ Morale Check with a +2 modifier to overcome her advances.
Infiltration:  Lilith is a commissioned agent of the Third Reich and will benefit from all that her station offers within the Nazi State and its occupied areas.  She reports directly to Hitler and is not subject to any other command.  Even Hitler is fearful of her wraith and rarely shows any kind of dominance over her when issuing orders.  Lilith will only command those within her entourage and will never commandeer other friendly units due to her disdain for humanity unless she has enslaved them for her own needs.
The Sage Twins: 
The twins that follow Lilith are the Sage sisters.  These twins were born in late 13th century England.  The sisters entered the church at an early age and were very devote and passionate within the sisterhood.  It is said that once Lilith set her eyes on the two, she was instantly enslaved by her own lust for their purity.  Lilith’s addiction to the twins is so intense that they are always at her side so she can take them at a moments notice.  The sisters are bound and gagged because their faith has keep them from Lilith's enslavement and if they were able to speak they could themselves seduce Lilith to their will.  Once if it were not for several of Lilith's slaves, she would have killed herself when one of the twins freed her gag and told her to do so.  It is not know how the two remain the same age of their capture but it is obviously mystical in nature.  It is not known if the two are sane but they still act as if they are.  Whatever depravity and hell the twins have been through, it is theorized that given the chance they would end their torment by destroying their mistress without hesitation.  Lilith is bound by her addiction to the girls by having to roll to feed off them after every D20+10 turns.  The girls never leave her side because of this addition and Lilith must roll a D10 for both if she is required to feed of them.  If for any reason only a single twin is present, Lilith will then roll a D4 for her feeding score.  If one of the twins should die, Lilith will immediately flee with the surviving one off the board.  Her addiction to these two nuns is of such intensity that failure to feed off them would drive her into a supernatural withdraw that could possibly cause her to kill herself in her agony.  If Lilith is unable to feed off the twins as noted above, she must immediately pass a ¼ Morale Check.  If she passes the test, she will immediately flee off the board to the closest table edge in her despair.  If she fails the test, she will succumb to her withdraw and kill herself on a D20 roll of 8 or less.  Any slaves near may attempt to stop her by fighting her as if in close combat.  If an unmodified 1 is rolled then the slave has pinned or knocked her out and then will immediately flee off the board with their mistress.  The twins can be harmed as any normal human.  If either of the twins are set free or is able to speak, she will command Lilith to kill herself immediately.  Slaves may attempt to save her as stated above in a situation like this.  The twins only have command over Lilith and no other demon of this type.
Wargaming Piece:  I use the excellent Lilith mini from my old company, What The?! Miniatures.  I also use the excellent and twisted minis from Foundry's Street Violence as my tortured twins.

 The above minis were painted by my pal and master of the paintbrush, Michi.

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