Sunday, September 23, 2012

Time Waits For No Man Or Hero.

A true example of how America's greatest generation is disappearing.  To all those men of the silent service, Thank You.



  1. As a serving RN submariner it pains me to see these organisations go as those men really were some of the bravest and put up with some terrible conditions. That group was always going to close one day and I am sure the Sub veterans association will take care of them.

    And I take issue with the 2nd poster down as after coming out of a sub no woman would want to get that close! :P

    1. I assume by the clean face and nice duds, he's about to leave or has been in port for a bit. Couldn't image the smells off me after a tour let alone a full crew in a combat zone.

      Thanks for keepin' them seas safe,

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