Friday, September 7, 2012

Enemy Elite Friday: Josef Abel (Germany)

"He received the Knight’s Cross for his exceptionally brave conduct during the fighting for the high ground east of Staro Shiwotow.  During this time the enemy launched a dawn attack with strong forces that succeeded in penetrating through a front-line gap and capturing a PaK position.  At this time Abel was engaged in fierce defensive fighting further to the east, and he made the decision to restore the situation.  He assumed command of the nearest friendly machine-gunner and stormed forwards with him.  After this machine-gunner became fatally wounded, Oberfeldwebel Abel shot up the foremost Bolshevik troops that had already reached the friendly Pak gun.  He then rushed forward to these guns and from here was able to halt and force the retreat of the follow-up Soviet forces.  The bravery and decisiveness he displayed here did not only prevent the loss of a still-operational Pak gun, but also prevented an enemy breakthrough at this boundary position (which would’ve in turn created the danger that the friendly front-line would be rolled up.  from his Knight's Cross to the Iron Cross citation, awarded on November 23rd, 1941 as Oberfeldwebel of  Infanterie-Regiment 217.
Another capable enemy elite,

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