Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Elsa: Fräulein SS" aka "Captive Women 4", "Fräulein Devil" & "Fräulein Kitty"

"Elsa: Fräulein SS" movie poster

"Elsa: Fräulein SS" video cover

"Captive Women 4" video cover

"Fräulein Devil" video cover

"Fräulein Kitty" video cover

To boost the morale of his officer corps, Hitler sends a special train full of whores to the front.  But what these unsuspecting officers don't now is that their lovers are actually agents of the Gestapo sent to test their loyalty to the Fuhrer.  All the while, a group of partisans are planing to take out the train and all within it!  This is not your usual Nazi-exploitation torture porn flick but rather a mix of Salon Kitty with just a dash of Ilsa.  Its still bad but watchable so check out the trailer and see what you think.

The original Love Train,

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