Saturday, May 12, 2012

"Salon Kitty"

Berlin's most exclusive brothel has been secretly taken over by the Gestapo so that its patrons can be spied on during their most compromising positions.  This movie is based on the real Salon Kitty Incident where the SD set up shop in the brothel and eavesdropped on its important clientele and any secrets or opinions that they might have let slip during their fun.  This is classic Tinto Brass so your in for his usual artistic sets with lots of fetish T&A.  I actually like this flick because it isn't your normal Nazi-exploitation torture porn of the same period but rather a movie with a bit of a plot and some decent acting with lots of great sex scenes with hot Euro chicks in it.  Check out the Director's Cut trailer and see if your up for it.  If it is, watch it here.

Gotta love Brass' eagerness to show skin,

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