Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sybil Danning & Sheri Moon (Werewolf Women of the SS)

Sybil Danning wows us with her role as the sadistic Nazi, Gretchen Krupp in the fake trailer of possibly the best Nazi-exploitation flick ever, Werewolf Women of the SS.  Just as in her previous roles, she gives 110% and hits us with her trademark body that has made her a scream queen legend.  This legendary MILF can still make most men's hearts skip a beat especially in leather and thigh-high stockings!

The second half of the The She-Devils of Belzac is sister Eva Krupp played by the sexy hot mess, Sheri Moon!  Sheri hits the role as a Nazi she-wolf right on the head and with that body, attitude and her plastic-rap teddy, she is nothing less then a tour de force of sexual dynamite on the big screen!

Together these two vixens have become legends in the Weird WWII film genera without even making a flick!  Now that's some fucking great film making for ya!  Now get to making this legendary piece of grindhouse trash already, Zombie!!!!!

Nothing like a She-Wolf to get ya going,

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