Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Tales of the Gold Monkey"

Follow the exploits of ex-Flying Tiger Jake Cutter and his one-eyed mutt Jack as they dodge deadly headhunters, sexy Dragon Ladies and secret agents of the crooked cross all the while trying to make a buck with their air cargo service in the South Pacific of the late 30s.  This was one of many TV shows that tried to capitalize on the popularity of Raiders of the Lost Ark in the early 80s but to be fair the show's creator had been trying to get this made since the mid 70s so it was on the back-burner before Jones ever hit the silver screen.  I remember this show as a kid and it was one of the reasons I fled to the trash pulp and men's magazines of the day.  Be sure to check them all out here.

It's good fun, right Jack?! Bark!  Bark!


  1. It's on DVD too. A bit dated, but fun. You can also see a number of things from this that carry over into Magnum (both by Belisario).

    1. Both awesome shows! In fact, my wife and I did a couple month long Magnum PI marathon and it was fucking awesome!