Thursday, June 30, 2022

"The Goon"

A bruiser and his bat-shit crazy partner are the only things keeping the Zombie King and his undead minions from taking over.  Can the Goon and Franky keep the slack jaws off Lonely Street or will they soon be munching on ol' Ma's noggin and them evil orphanage kids innards?!  This Dark Horse comic is the creation of the mad comic genius Eric Powell and is a must for anyone who likes classic film noir with a splash or horror, comedy and good ol' trash in their reading.  News was, Powell was trying to get a movie deal for his band of crazies and they did up a short and a PSA to show what the Goon and Franky would look like on the big screen many moons ago.  I give this comic a big two thumbs up and it is a must for everyone to read so go out and get all the trades and catch up with the rest of the cool kids.

Knife to the eye!
Brian & Mel

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