Saturday, May 19, 2012

"A Blood Red Night"

Pre-battlefield setup.  Been writing up rules for Vamps for my BGWWWII gaming and this is one of the final play test games for 'em.  This game really shows how bad ass these monsters are so read on and see how the children of the night react to Nazis at their doorstep.

The Forces
The German forces consisted of x4 8-man squads of pioneers mounted in SdKfz/7s and a SdKfz 251/9 "Stummel".  Their mission was to clear the keep and the area around if of any enemy or booby traps so that it can be occupied by an artillery observation team.

The Vamps comprise of 2 adult and 4 kid vamps who have taken residence in the keep.  The Vamps are tasked with killing anyone who threatens their new home.

Night rules are in full effect along with a light wind from the South.

The platoon approaches the keep and sees the scout vehicles sent ahead empty ahead of them.  The platoon is ordered to dismount and search the area.

Some pioneers check out the dilapidated shack and discover it full of piles of blood-soaked clothing.  At a closer look, there appears to be some shredded German uniforms in the piles too.

A squad of Germans head up to inspect the scout vehicles.

The squad moves up and are horrified at what they find.  The vehicle has been shredded and is still covered in warm blood.  The LMG team instantly sets up and readies their weapon for anything.

The Sargent and another pioneer check out the other vehicle only to find the same thing as before.

Another pioneer squad dismounts and begins to set up a perimeter.  Unbeknownst to them their are a trio of red eyes peering at them from out of the darkness with nothing but feeding on their mind.

Suddenly with lighting speed, the trio leap onto the unsuspecting Germans!

Three of the pioneer's jugulars are severed by supernaturally fast talons as another German's head is split in two.  The Sergent along with another pioneer opens up at the deadly blurs around them.

One of the child vamps leaps at the Sgt but as they both hit the deck, the veteran NCO is able to level his MP40 at the head of his attacker, severing it clean from its body in a bloody mist.

One of the crew of the SdKfz fires a flare which illuminates the German's attackers.  The vamps look up at the false sun and shriek at the sight of their beheaded sibling.

The two vamps surround their sisters killer and with fangs glowing in the light of the flair they move in to rip the Sgt. apart.

Suddenly, the 251 runs down one of the vamps and it becomes pulp within its tracks.  With a screech, the other vamp flees into the safety of the woods.

As the squad at the scout vehicles turn to where the gunfire is coming from, a set of glowing eyes emerge from the darkness before them.  Luckily, the gunner of the MG42 sees the eyes in front of them and opens up at the shadow.

The rest of the squad whips around and unloads their weapons in the darkness before them.  The child vamp lets out a blood-curtailing yelp as it is ripped to shreds by the massive volley of fire.

Out of the darkness, the child vamp's last sound is returned with an equally horrifying high-pitched scream that echoes in the night.

As if on cue from the female vamp's scream, leathery wings are heard in the darkness but before its source can be located the vampires land in the 251 that just ground his daughter to pulp.  The vampire twists the head off the driver and then splits the gunner in two from head to groin with its massive claws.

The platoon Sergeant arrives to assist his men only to be ripped apart by razor-sharp talons already drenched in his men's gore.

Before her daughter's bloody carcass finishes sliding down the hill, the female vamp flies into her daughter's killers.  The vampire's revenge is swift and all but one of the squad is ripped apart.

Suddenly, another flare explodes in the air and the female vamp turns to see another taking aim at her.  The surviving pioneer hits the deck and his comrades open up!

Before the vamp can react, the German's rounds rip into her centuries old skin.  The survivor of the massacred squad levels his panzerfaust at the wounded vamp and fires.  The rocket flies straight and true and explodes!  The vampire crumples to the ground in an all consuming inferno.

The Plt. Sgt's 251 opens up on the nightmare that killed him but it vanishes into the darkness before the gunner can get a bead in it.  The Gunner fires a flair and the charging vamp is illuminated in light.  The Stummel's machine gun opens up on the vamp as the loader loads up a HE shell.

The vamp flies into the 251 and easily dispatches its passengers and crew in the tight space.

The vamp looks up from his bloody handiwork just as it sees its last image on this Earth, the business end of short 75mm cannon.

The high-explosive shell hits the vamp and explodes, destroying it and the 251 along with it in a blinding flash of fire!

Startled, the Sgt swings over into the direction of the exploding 251 behind him.  Just as he does so the scared vamp returns for blood!

But the veteran hears the approach of the little monster and swings around just in time to empty his MP40 at it.  The 9mm rounds rip into the little beast but the creature is able to smash the German to the ground at the same time slicing into his arm with its claws. 

Fighting for his life, the German NCO uses his empty weapon to keep the monster from tearing open his chest and with all of the energy he can must he heaves the best back a couple feet.  Just as the monster begins to leap for the kill, the Sgt. pulls a HEAT grenade from his boot and throws it at the monster.  The grenade smashes against the monster and explodes in a ball of fire.  The prone Sgt. is showered in fire and gore but miraculously is spared with only minor cuts and a singed uniform.

The surviving Germans regroup and push on into the night to secure the keep but with a bit more trepidation because now they know there is something more deadly then the Allies that hunt them in the night.

So there ya go, one helluva game that could have gone either way!  The vamps proved to be as deadly as the movies and books depict which makes them a blast to play and a nightmare to play against.

Hope you liked it,


  1. Looks like that was hella fun to play! You have some great terrain and armies. It's always entertaining to check out your battle reports.

  2. Thanks, glad you liked it. I have about a half dozen more I need to post so check back every once in a while.


  3. Thanks for posting, really enjoyed reading it, and loved the figures inspired to get some of my german zombies and werewolves finished

  4. Outstanding and original gaming. Appears to have been a lot of fun.