Thursday, September 29, 2011

"Atomic Robo"

8-Bit Theater's Atomic Robo really adds a rich and action packed new character to the Weird WWII genera with this ass-kicking bot.  Atomic Robo is the creation of Nikola Tesla which has become sentient and makes him as human as the rest of us.  Well, minus the robotic body and what not.  During WWII, Robo teams up with other Allied agents and takes on all sorts of Nazi menaces like super evil eggheads and spider tanks.  Its up to Robo and his pals to sock Evil in the jaw with the style and finesse only a living robot can manage.  Writer Brian Clevinger and artist Scott Wegener do a great book here and it is definitely a must for any Weird WWII fan.  Grab the "Dogs of War" trade paperback and add another good piece of WWWII literature to your collection.

Go get 'em Robo,

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