Monday, January 30, 2012

Medal of Honor Monday: Henry E. Erwin

"He was the radio operator of a B-29 airplane leading a group formation to attack Koriyama, Japan.  He was charged with the additional duty of dropping phosphorescent smoke bombs to aid in assembling the group when the launching point was reached.  Upon entering the assembly area, aircraft fire and enemy fighter opposition was encountered.  Among the phosphorescent bombs launched by S/Sgt. Erwin, 1 proved faulty, exploding in the launching chute, and shot back into the interior of the aircraft, striking him in the face.  The burning phosphorescence obliterated his nose and completely blinded him.  Smoke filled the plane, obscuring the vision of the pilot.  S/Sgt. Erwin realized that the aircraft and crew would be lost if the burning bomb remained in the plane.  Without regard for his own safety, he picked it up and feeling his way, instinctively, crawled around the gun turret and headed for the copilot's window.  He found the navigator's table obstructing his passage.  Grasping the burning bomb between his forearm and body, he unleashed the spring lock and raised the table.  Struggling through the narrow passage he stumbled forward into the smoke-filled pilot's compartment.  Groping with his burning hands, he located the window and threw the bomb out.  Completely aflame, he fell back upon the floor.  The smoke cleared, the pilot, at 300 feet, pulled the plane out of its dive.  S/Sgt. Erwin's gallantry and heroism above and beyond the call of duty saved the lives of his comrades." 

From S/Sgt. Erwin's Medal of Honor citation, awarded in 1945.

A truly amazing man,

In 1997, the Air Force created the Henry E. Erwin Outstanding Enlisted Aircrew Member of the Year Award. It is presented annually to an airman, non-commissioned officer and senior non-commissioned officer in the flight engineering, load-master, air surveillance and related career fields. It is only the second Air Force award named for an enlisted person.

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