Thursday, January 5, 2012

Battleground Weird WWII: German Undercover Aiming and Firing Apparatus

Deckungszielgerat fur le. 34u. 42 Dezetgerat

The Germans made a device that could be affixed to either the MG34 or MG42 which allowed the gunner to aim and fire the weapon while completely concealed.  The device used several mirrors that allowed the gunner to aim and the weapon was fired via a simple gun-like trigger on the device.  Reloading the weapon would still expose the loader but if the ammo belts are linked together, the gun in theory could have an unlimited amount of ammo without having to expose the loader to possible enemy fire.  This device is perfect for troops in trenches or in gun pits and really makes those machine gun nest that much more lethal.  Below are the BGWWWII rules we us for this device so give them a try and see what you think.

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Notes:  This is a real piece of kit but I have no idea in what numbers it was produced or to who it was given to so I am going to wing it, making it a bit Weird War.
Date Introduced:  Early 1943
Users:  Germany
Availability:  Availability is a 5 per MG34/MG42 LMG fielded.  The availability increases to 10 if the German force begins dug in previous to the battle's start.
Set Up:  It takes the crew a single action to affix or breakdown this device.
Operation: All weapons fitted with this device will fire as normal but will suffer a +1 To Hit due to the limited view of the gunner.
Sighting Checks:  The gunner may use this device to make a Sighting Check with a +1 column shift due to the reduced vision from the mirrors.  This device is sighted as if considered Infantry Concealed.
Wargaming Piece:  Don't see the need for a dedicated gaming piece for this but rather should work.  If you do decide to make one up let us take a look at your mad skills.

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  1. I have seen similar with rifles but never heard of this....nice find!