Friday, January 20, 2012

Enemy Elite Friday: Leonard Mociulschi (Romania)


He would receive the Order of Micheal the Brave 3rd Class on October 17th, 1941 as Colonel of the 1st Mixed Mountain Brigade and their actions on the Eastern Front
He would then be awarded the Order of the Cross of Liberty on March 10th, 1943 as Brigadier General of the 3rd Mountain Division.
He then was awarded the Knight's Cross to the Iron Cross on December 18th, 1943 for his command as above.
Then he was awarded the Order of Micheal the Brave 2nd Class on February 19th, 1944 for his actions in the East.

He would finally end the war with swords to his Order of Micheal the Brave 3rd Class in March 23rd, 1945 as Major General of the 3rd Mountain.

Another capable enemy elite,

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