Monday, December 6, 2010

Medal of Honor & Texas Medal of Honor Monday: Jack L. Knight

"He led his cavalry troop against heavy concentrations of enemy mortar, artillery, and small arms fire. After taking the troop's objective and while making preparations for a defense, he discovered a nest of Japanese pillboxes and foxholes to the right front.  Preceding his men by at least 10 feet, he immediately led an attack.  Single-handedly he knocked out 2 enemy pillboxes and killed the occupants of several foxholes.  While attempting to knock out a third pillbox, he was struck and blinded by an enemy grenade.  Although unable to see, he rallied his platoon and continued forward in the assault on the remaining pillboxes.  Before the task was completed he fell mortally wounded.  1st Lt. Knight's gallantry and intrepidity were responsible for the successful elimination of most of the Japanese positions and served as an inspiration to officers and men of his troop."
From 1Lt. Knight's Medal of Honor citation, awarded on June 25, 1945.
He was awarded the Texas Legislative Medal of Honor on May 1999.  The medal was given to sister who was to take it to his brother Curtis who also fought in the battle.
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