Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Honored Allies Wednesday: George H. Eardley (United Kingdom)


"On 16 October 1944 east of Overloon, the Netherlands, Sergeant Eardley's platoon was ordered to clear some orchards where a strong opposition was holding up the advance, but 80 yards away from the objective the platoon was halted by automatic fire from machine-gun posts.  Sergeant Eardley spotted one of these posts and moving forward under heavy fire killed the officer at the post with a grenade.  He went on to destroy two more posts single-handed, under fire so intense that it daunted those who were with him, but his action enabled the platoon to achieve its objective and thus ensured the success of the whole attack."

From Sgt. Eardley's Victoria Cross citation, awarded on December 29, 1944.

A heroic ally for sure,

Eardley memorial in Congleton, Cheshire in the UK.

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