Tuesday, September 12, 2023

"Days of Darkness"


"First issue of the epic and incredible telling of the early days of the United States during the Second World War.  Days of Darkness covers the darkest days of World War II for the US, when the country went from the tragedy of Pearl Harbor to the triumph at Midway.  Covered in detail is the attack of the US Naval base and the devastation of the fleet at Hawaii, then the action moves to the evacuation and fall of the Philippines to the horror of the Death March of Bataan, and finally to the dramatic Battle of Midway which stopped the Japanese juggernaut in the Pacific.  Creator Wayne Vansant, best known for his exacting detail on Marvel's long running popular series, "The 'Nam", chronicles the participation of the Cahill family during these events as their lives are irrevocably changed forever as their world is plunged into war.  Heavy on authenticity, compellingly written and beautifully drawn.- Comics Buyers Guide."  This is a great series that retells WWII through the eyes of those fighting it so give it a go here.

A great read,

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