Sunday, August 20, 2023

"Wartime Crime"


"While the battlefields of WWII were a stage for acts of heroism, strategic cunning, and horrific atrocities, conditions on the home front seemed more stable.  Yet from bombed-out London to occupied France, the war enabled one thing to flourish - crime."  A great series that shows a side of the war most are not aware of.  Give them a go below.
1) "Blitzkrieg Kingpin"
The rise and fall of crime boss Billy Hill in the chaos of the The Blitz on London during WW2. 
2) "Resistance Is Useless"  Known for his dubious medical practices and shady financial deals, the Nazi occupation liberated Dr. Marcel Petio's murderous instincts, enabling him to embark on a shocking killing spree.
3) "The Nazi Jewel Heist" 
When the US military takes over the German Kronberg Castle in 1945, a scandalous affair between a US Army Captain and Air Force Officer ensues, resulting in one of the most elaborate treasure heists of all time.
4) "The Zoot Suit Riots" 
During WW2 in Los Angeles, white servicemen and civilians attack Hispanic and other minority youths who are seen as unpatriotic due to the style of clothes they wear.
5) "The Blackout Killers" 
During the WW2 blackouts in Berlin and London, police race to catch serial killers who use the darkness as cover. 
6) "The Sicilian Connection" 
Incensed by their treatment under Mussolini's regime and anxious to reestablish their European criminal network, a number of mafioso, including incarcerated kingpin Charles "Lucky" Luciano, offered their full support to American intelligence officers.

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