Tuesday, March 28, 2023

"NUTS!" Weird War 2"


Just had a chance to look over THW's new NUTS!: Weird War 2 rule book and it is fantastic!! JC & Ed jammed it full with so much WEIRD that it might drive you CRAZY!!! It's an impressive tome that has everything from straight historical kit to the coolest advance and weird tech you can imagine, to magic and those creatures from beyond that are drawn to the carnage and relish in adding to it or in trying to stymie it for all humanity's sake. Swing over to Two Hour Wargames in April, plug in our discount code (25off2) and relish in a rule book that truly has it all and keeps to the saying, KEEP IT WEIRD!!! A must for any weird war weirdo!!!!
They are always, keeping it WEIRD!!!
Brian & Mel

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