Friday, March 10, 2023

Enemy Elite Friday: Günther Anhalt (Germany)

"SS-Standartenführer Anhalt has demonstrated superb leadership and personal readiness while leading his SS-Pol.Rgt. 2 during the withdrawal operations in the central sector of the Eastern Front.  In this time he and his men repeatedly absorbed the blows of strong enemy forces and even threw them back in some cases.  Despite being completely isolated at times, SS-Standartenführer Anhalt was able to hold his sector east of Borrisow by employing his units in a methodical fashion.  He did so even though advancing enemy armor and the withdrawal of the right neighboring unit created a danger of encirclement.  His actions here enabled friendly withdrawal movements to be carried out according to plan and without major losses.  SS-Pol.Rgt. 2 was again encircled in the area around Minsk, and friendly relief efforts were denied by the enemy.  In this situation SS-Standartenführer Anhalt once again showcased his exemplary soldierly bearing and ability to calmly evaluate a situation.  He formed a tactical spearhead, placed himself at the head of his men and managed to pull off a successful breakout without significant losses to his own Regiment.   The SS-Pol.Rgt. 2 went on to hold off the hostile onslaught once again while fighting along the Memel Front in the Grodno area despite having only weak forces that had been reinforced by supply troops.  By now SS-Standartenführer Anhalt had sustained injuries to both of his feet during the withdrawal movements, however he continued to demonstrate heroic devotion to duty in spite of this.  In such a frontline situation he repeatedly intercepted the wavering elements of his regiment and sent them back into the fight."  from his Knight's Cross to the Iron Cross citation, awarded on August 12th, 1944 as SS Standartenführer of 4th SS Polizei Panzergrenadier Division.
Another enemy elite,
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Julleuchter der SS awarded on December 16th, 1935

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