Saturday, December 24, 2022


"A set of wargames rules covering heroic adventure and dastardly villains during the early 20th Century  Enter a world of perilous adventure and explore steaming jungles, desert canyons, and arctic wastes!  Brave the perils of nature and discover lost ruins, ancient treasures, and the secrets of forgotten civilizations!  Race against rival adventurers and face off against diabolical villains!  Take to the city streets and fight back against gangsters, spies, and sinister cults!  Pulp! is a scenario-driven skirmish wargame set during the interwar years of the early 20th Century.  Players build teams of bold explorers, daring archaeologists, hardboiled detectives, and costumed avengers – or criminal masterminds and evil geniuses – and dive into a world of fortune, glory… and menace.  Pulp! contains all the rules needed to game globetrotting escapades in this rip-roaring era."  Haven't played this one yet but give it a look see of a summery of it from the writer himself below.  Grab it from Osprey Games.

Let us know what you think of it,
Brian & Mel

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