Saturday, October 15, 2022

"More Than Life at Stake"


"More than Life at Stake was a Polish black and white TV series about the adventures of a Polish secret agent in Soviet service, captain Hans Kloss (real name Stanisław Kolicki, codename J-23), who acts as a double agent in the Abwehr during Second World War in occupied Poland.  The series was filmed from March 1967 to October 1968.  There were 18 episodes, 9 of which were directed by Janusz Morgenstern and the other 9 by Andrzej Konic.  The show was very popular in Poland, the USSR, Yugoslavia, and former Czechoslovakia."  Watched this the other weekend and it wasn't bad.  Swing over here and watch then all with English subtitles and see what the Soviets were watching during the Cold War.

Great Soviet-Era WWII drama,
Brian & Mel

Video game inspired by the tv show.

Captain Kloss comic series inspired by the show.

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