Friday, September 2, 2022

Enemy Elite Friday: Eckart Afheldt (Germany)

"Oberleutnant Afheldt and his heavily weakened II./Jäger-Regiment 2 “Brandenburg” launched a night attack into the village of Neu-Wiersewitz at around 23:00 on the 31.01.1945.  The defending Soviet forces were taken by surprise and overrun.  During the course of the combat the Sturmgeschütze and Panzerjäger that were attached to Afheldt’s Bataillon were also able to destroy a number of Soviet tanks located in the village and along the forest edge that lay beyond it.  The capture of this village eliminated a massive flank threat to Gruppe von Saucken’s crossing over the Oder river at Neu-Fähreichen.  Oberleutnant Afheldt was consequently awarded the Knight’s Cross for this significant tactical victory." from his Knight's cross to the Iron Cross citation, awarded on March 17th, 1945 as Oberleutnant of the Jäger-Regiment 2, Division "Brandenburg".
Another capable enemy elite,
Brian & Mel

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